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TPP Must Pass

The United States cannot live in a cocoon and block trade with other nations and remain a world power. If you are under 45 years old the only place you read about opening relations with China in the 1970's is in history books. Today China is challenging us for world dominance while at the same time our economies are interdependent. We cannot hide in the sand. If the United States does not establish trading relationships with these other countries China will and we will be left out in the cold. Unskilled jobs will be lost because of TPP. We can choose to cut off our nose to spite our face by backing out of the agreement and handing it over to China or we can go through with it and simultaneously pass legislation that provides free two years of college or trade school to anyone who academically qualifies. THe second option gives displaced workers the opportunity to raise their skills, and thus their standard of living, as we solidify our economic ties with these other countri