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Detroit Bankruptcy - Has anyone heard of an investigation?


Ranking Presidents

I have been considering how well Barack Obama is doing as President and have compared him to other Presidents that I have considered voting for over the years. There was little additional research. Rather, I wanted to rely principally on how I voted and explain my rationale for doing so. Lyndon Baines Johnson took office after Kennedy's assassination in 1963. He is best known for passing the Civil Rights Act of 1965 and the Vietnam War which resulted in a sharp decline in his popularity making him decide not to run for reelection in 1968. The war overshadowed everything else he did. He was a politician's politician. He knew how to work the system in Washington. Hubert Humphrey was his running mate in 1968 and that cost Humphrey his future in politics. Humphrey was an early civil rights advocate, giving a speech before the 1948 Democratic convention causing the delegation from two southern states to walk out. He lost much of the credit he deserves because of being tied in w

American exceptionalism and the Declaration of Independence

Many in politics like to refer to “American Exceptionalism” where they believe as Wikipedia describes the “United States is inherently different from other nations…. American conservative writers have promoted its use in that sense ... To them, the U.S. is like the biblical "City upon a Hill"— and exempt from historical forces that have affected other countries.” This was mentioned often during the debate in Congress concerning the Iran Treaty. It prompted me to look back in history and see what other nations or civilizations thought about themselves. Here are some of my findings. “ What made the Nazis’ hatred of the Jews so unusual is …. they believed the Jews were biologically and racially distinct and that there was a kind of biological struggle for dominance over the entire human race between the Jews and everybody else.” “China’’ in Chinese can be literally translated as “Middle Kingdom,’’ and “foreign nations’’ as “barbarians’’; thus Chinese rulers