Political changes in southeast Asia and China: Part 3

By: Nguyen Tu Son: (The content below is that of Nguyen Tu Son and has not been altered in any way by Free Free Markets.)

Suppose that a million Chinese army swept through South Asia and Indonesia aimed towards. The most tragic result will be like? Other important countries will deal look like?

Only a short time after Vietnam was overrun, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia will be merged into the Chinese territory. The next goal of course is Australia.This perspective subtly reminiscent of the domino theory before. Indeed, the world situation now reflect the domino theory, with few changes tortuous knots. The threat now is not communism, but the colonial empires of China, acting for territorial expansion. Plays were renamed. Formerly the match between communism and democracy. Now the game between China and the free world.

As leader of the free world, the United States is difficult to stand on the sidelines of life forever. However, US forces were spread too thin in many places. The American people do not approve solutions infantry on the mainland Southeast Asia. If the above-fiction come true, perhaps the US will only support the local water by spirit and supplies. No one knows Thailand and Burma will fight out how to deal with a wave of attacks from China.

Although resentment that people still communist, it is difficult to deny a dreadful truth: In the current situation, the totalitarian communist regime in Vietnam was in a position to adapt to prevent the massive attack on the communist China. Relatives, friends, and the writer herself is also a victim of communism. Methods "course of toxic poison" very consistent with the political situation in the world today. Do fateful irony, American capitalism is the only country in the world can help communist Vietnam in a satisfactory manner, to fight the communist Chinese.

In the course of history, the two Asian neighbors have fought many battles extremely vehement. In 1979, war bloody border between communist comrades have marked a sudden shift in the political situation in Southeast Asia. Before the bitter taste from your beloved country, communist Vietnam often bragging, claiming to be the outpost of the proletarian revolution. After you dear country hit for a painful battle, communist Vietnam gradually leaned sideways across the front line, and may (probably but not definitely) become the Western outpost.

A communist dictatorships as outposts for the free world? Ugly truth that seems ironic paradox, but very consistent with the current situation. Soldiers Pioneers of socialist stronghold was abandoned Russian revolution, was a socialist country the Chinese brothers threatened. The soldier's pioneering socialist to defend itself by pleading oh dull edge enemy bridge is American capitalism.

Inference under the perspective of the United States, so the current flag is a unique opportunity to deal with surreptitious invasion of China. When I recall the 1979 border war, the strategists in Building Five Angle could not take advantage of hostility between the two communist countries of Asia. Enemies of enemies can serve as allies in a period. The most useful ally ally who stood close beside the enemy. They have their own experience and know how to deal with his nemesis.

If in the 1960's, the regime clearly aware of anyone who is friend or foe, the brutal Vietnam War did not happen, and the millions of people who are not unjust death.Tragic fate of the people of Vietnam was so.

Outpost was promising to stand if the participation of US forces than on protecting the Western Pacific region. The Southeast Asian country feel insecure because the United States to leave the South China Sea, and China jumped in to fill the power vacuum. If the USA back waters this critical, aggressive attitude twirl wild garden of China will decrease. Cam Ranh Bay, built up by taxes of US citizens, may replace the Subic Bay to protect American interests.


West deduce that the economy prosperity of China will lead to democracy and peaceful coexistence. The real contrast. Through economic development, a backward empire, sleepy lethargy was converted into a significant military force, and are extravagant dream to overwhelm the United States for world hegemony. With the objective of misleading the public, corporations Beijing expansion blitz-style attack on Pearl Harbor. They plan to implement the policy of territorial expansion discreet gently.Invasions would surreptitiously plays out is dependent response of the West, especially the United States. China has always observed the West to customize mechanical action, if easily eat it forward, if so it is difficult to withdraw or pauses.

Year 1995-1996, China fired missiles into waters mass surrounded Taiwan make up causing the Taiwan Strait Crisis 3rd They do so to intimidate candidates Taiwan President Li Dang Huy. USA responded strongly by taking two aircraft carrier battle groups in the South China Sea with a combat ready position. China quietly withdrew chess books, and screen martial Shandong forever ended without fanfare.

Conversely, when Tibetans seized, the West reacted xị sweep soft pancake.Realizing that shyness, he hesitated, China disregard international opinion, policy enforcement Tibetan genocide brutally, and promote the invasion in hiding. The next stage is Indian land encroachment, land encroachment Vietnam, and quietly occupied many islands in the South China Sea, and then go beyond to annex Australia.

Occupy leaders of small island in the South China Sea is just one step of permanent aggression and ambitious. Within a short time, China will overtake the US to become the dominant force most powerful dominate the Pacific. If the United States quietly accept occupation was illegal as a fait accompli, the tiny island will be turned into a military base, a bridgehead to advance to Australia and Hawaii. For more than a billion people Han, the continent of Australia is the land of promise riches and fat land. Once China accounts are Australia, the balance of power will tilt. USA at under low; China aloft.

Whereas transport and medium globes made smaller, a tiny piece of land has great value. Whenever China occupy an inch of land, free world lost an inch of ground, and US influence shrink like leather ass writer Balzac. China will pursue Navy US Navy off the South China Sea, and will forever demanding money uncovers the American merchant loitering at the area. However, the West can avoid the frightening prospect by blocking attempts to expand even before it reached out within harnessed.
Reviews suggest

Attempted expansion of China was too obvious. The following countermeasures are proposed:

  • No Interference on set: In the current political circumstances, no need to deploy US ground in Southeast Asia. Since losing means losing water, outpost of socialism must undertake heavy work was fought on land against invading armies of the socialist countries dear brother.
  • -Increase Strength in the US Navy in the South China Sea: As a result of the crisis of the Taiwan Strait have proven 3rd China only to back down when faced with an opponent with more intensity martial arts movies. SCS require the presence of an enemy more intensity, ie a US Navy forces mighty, and a US Navy base long term, such as the Cam Ranh base.
  • Line drawn on the sea: Once backed military in the region, the US will quietly enough power to request termination of Asian heroes act goes against the grain. The United States has put a boundary on the desert sand. Now, the US should draw a boundary on the South China Sea water, and asked China not to pass. Without doing so, the United States will soon have to man the border on the coastal water of San Francisco.


The rapid growth of economic and military power of China is a serious threat to America. Without a sea defense plans satisfactory, China will cow down to Hawaii, and all the vast Pacific will become China's territorial waters. Only resolute measures were enough to stop his expansion, and protect the national security of the United States.

If it is ignored, no attention to her sneaky invasion, China will overtake the US to become a superpower. The United States has the right to choose one of two options.The first is the status unchanged "world's most powerful nation." The second is that China made official.


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