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Presidential Candidates everywhere

"Just  because you are paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.",  Joseph Heller, Author of Catch 22 Are you asking why there are so many people running for President? Most of them know they have a slim chance of winning the presidency or any other political position for that matter. Who are these guys/gals pictured here from a New York Times web page of  May 30, 2014 ? Presently there are 13 Republicans running and 5 Democrats. In 2000 there were 9 Presidential hopefuls on the Democratic side and 11 on the Republican side . I am surprised that the number of candidates running for President over that time period is not much different. Per the amount spent is not much different either as shown by the chart below.

Stability of China

Beware of the Panda : China is helping build a new high-speed trans-continental railway from the Atlantic to Pacific. Brazil to Peru. Over the Andes. They are investing billions as part of a quarter-trillion dollar Chinese investment in Latin America. While we fight wars, China builds relationships with our neighbors to the south. There are credible reasons to believe that the superior performance of the Chinese economy may be coming to an end and with it added pressure on the ruling class to relinquish more power and freedom to the country's citizens. The country's phenomenal economic past performance allowed the leaders to maintain a tight grip on individual freedoms. As the economy's growth becomes closer to normal the citizens will be less patient with the lack of individual freedoms and rights. Let's hope the transition will be peaceful. I recently read a section of the May/June 2015 issue of Foreign Affairs magazine called China Now and much, but not all, of

Discussion on inequality with Paul Krugman

I do not agree with some of the conclusions expounded on, especially taxing an inheritance heavily, but it is worth listening to. My contention is working hard to improve your children's future is a primary motivator. 

Snyder and the Great Art Heist

Here is Governor Snyder talking about the Great Art Heist of Detroit. LOL Just replace the chicken ranch with the Grand Bargain. 

Hurdles of Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) and inequality

Don't let the  Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) increase inequality in this country and be like the tip of an iceberg where some things are hidden. As it is presently written the additional inequality is ignored. There are hurdles to overcome regarding TPP between  the United States, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam and Japan. The countries taking part in TPP would represent nearly  40 percent  of the global GDP and one-third of all world trade . The United States as a whole stands to gain because of TPP, however most of the gains go to the citizens in higher income brackets unless steps are taken to assure the spreading of wealth and opportunity. As it presently is being proposed this is not happening. All things being equal; if all countries had the same safety and environmental standards there still would be a disparity in the wages paid to workers for the same job because of  labor supply and demand, technology,

Klobuchar versus Cruz debating appointment of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General

Cruz vs. Klobuchar   Here is a 16 minute debate between Senator Cruz and Senator Klobuchar regarding the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as our next Attorney General. The Senator from Minnesota holds her own against the Texas Senator. Click on image to see debate. When thinking of electing our first female President, Senator Klobuchar should be on the list of viable candidates.