Snyder and education in Detroit

Everyone must recognize that the basis on which Snyder will be making a decision on Detroit's schools will be political and what is in his best long term interest. It is commonly believed that he is looking beyond his current job as Governor and looking to the national stage for his next opportunity. That is why he is going on a national road trip. The trip is touted as one to promote Michigan. It is also to promote Snyder. His term is up in a few years and in Michigan he already holds the highest position in the tate.

He is a Republican and therefore any decisions he makes as Governor from here on out will be influenced by what he believes the national party will look at in a favorable light. He also is aware that the majority of voters in Detroit are Democrats and only 31% of the city's voters turned out to vote in his latest election. The national Republican party is in favor of Charters. The vast majority of black voters are Democrats and those in poverty also generally vote for the Democrat. Therefore the Governor loses very little if he upsets their feelings.

Let's look at the Governor's record relating to Detroit.

1. He approved the Grand Bargain that took billions of dollars of assets from the city and in return the city only received value equal to pennies on the dollar. Effectively, he orchastrated the greatest art heiist in history surpassing the previous one occurring in Boston in 1990. Boston's art heist was for $500 million while the Grand Heist in Detroit was close to $10 billion.
2. He created the Education Assistance Authority which was a failure.
3. He opened the public schools in Detroit to competition from Charters which added to the financial woes of DPS. it contributed to a reduction of student population at DPS schools which in turn meant DPS lost state funds. This in turn helped justify a state tskeover. I am not totally against Charters but when they were approved in Detroit it was not thought out. DPS was already losing students because of the population decline in the city. Charters compounded the problem.

Like it or not Michigan has a lame duck Governor who has not found a viable solution to education in Michigan and he now is preoccupied with landing his next job. Citizens of Michigan beware. What is in the future best interest of the state does not necessarily align with Governor Snyder's best interest....


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