Iran, Middle East and a bungled coup

The video below provides a review by the author, Stephen Kinzer, of his book on the overthrow of a democratically elected leader in Iran in the early 1950's. The overthrow was orchestrated by Great Britain and the United States. The book's title is All The Shah's Men and the author suggest that the problems presently in Iran are a direct result of this coup. Before supporting Netanyahu's tough stance on preventing Iran from getting the ability to create a nuclear bomb you should read the book or at least watch the video wherein the author reviews it's contents.
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Below is a bullet point summary of the highlights of the video.

■ After World War II Winston Churchill recognized how important oil was going to be to the world and the country that controlled a large reserve of oil would prosper. Iran was a country awash with oil reserves.
■ Britain proceeded to enter into an agreement with Iran whereby the oil company would pay to Iran 16% of the net profits of the company to Iran. This 16% was after a large tax paid to Great Britain.
■ In 1951 Iran democratically elected a new Prime Minister, Mohammad Mossadegh, who nationalized the oil industry and cut out Britian. England was upset and encouraged the United States to overthrow Iran's President. Harry Truman declined and said the U.S.public would not stand for it.
■ In 1952 Dwight Eisenhower was elected President of the United States and he bought into the scheme to overthrow the Prime Minister of Iran. To justify this action the CIA created an elaborate scheme to discredit the democratically elected PM and soften the reaction by the people of Iran and the world to the western led coup.
■ Not everyone bought into the lies.
■ The author believes their is a direct link between the coup in the 1953 overthrow of the Iranian elected Prime Minister and the 1979 Islamic revolution
■ If the above is true, there is also a direct link between the U.S. induced coup of 1953 and Iran's quest of the bomb.
■ Author believes average Iranian wants democracy.

"There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.", Harry Truman

If we are interested in defusing the Middle East we will admit these errors and pledge to seek an amicable solution to the problems we helped create in the Middle East. The solution should not include letting Iran have the bomb. Doing nothing to rectify our mistakes is also a bad option.


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