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Michigan GDP from 2000 to 2013

Granholm does not deserve all the blame, Snyder does not deserve all the credit and Obama certainly deserves some recognition for stepping up.  The auto industry and its union certainly contributed to the problem.

Black Women in America (C-span)

Inequality and free markets

Inequality has risen for three major reasons.   First we the people have accepted the redefining of what a free market is. Free markets as defined by conservative economists, such as Milton Friedman, were industries where there were many producers offering a variety of products to meet certain needs of the consumer. The government's role was to police each market/industry assuring that one entity, or a small number of entities, was not in a position to independently set price or quality of that which they were producing. If a particular industry was such that only one producer could be  supported then it was government's role to police that industry so it did not abuse its power. Friedman said, "But we cannot rely on custom or conscious alone to interpret and enforce the rules; we need an umpire. These then are the basic roles of government in a free society; to provide a means where we can modify rules, to mediate differences among us on the meaning of rules, and to

Hillary Clinton on city''s

Here is a 7 minute video of Hillary Clinton recently talking about what we need to do to revitalize our cities.

Percentage of population shift in Southeast, Michigan by county

Above graph from Environmental Protection Agency.

Klobuchar on student loan debt.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton collects $225K while giving a speech at a university condemning student loan debt. Now ask yourself who better represents your views Klobuchar or Clinton?

The Hillary Antedote For Democrats

This is a 34 minute speech at an Iowa fundraiser by Senator Amy Klobuchar. She is a good antidote for any Democrats who have Hillary Clinton burnout... Senator Amy Klobuchar

Snyder and education

Stephen Henderson of the Detroit Free Press was correct in his editorial about education when he said Snyder should not be taking on more direct responsibility for the schools. He has not earned that privilege.  He is also correct more money will be needed to fix the problem not only in Detroit but other districts.  This will be the only time in this post I'll mention that Detroit was unique by actually having the funds to fix DPS but billions were given away for pennies on the dollar within the Grand Bargain of the city's bankruptcy. This was approved by the Governor which was a mistake, unless of course the objective was to save the DIA. Further, Henderson is correct a portion of the problem is many districts are losing population and funds provided by the state for schools is calculated on enrollment count. The smaller the enrollment the less money is provided by the state. In Detroit this is exasperated by the opening of so many charter schools in the city. Unfortunat

China's crackdown on corruption

The above podcast discusses whether the government of China is beginning to collapse. This discussion resulted from a recent article in the Wall Street Journal called The Coming Chinese Cracku p written by David Shambaugh. He gives five reasons for his prediction 1. 64% of high net worth individuals are planning to leave country. 2. These same wealthy individuals are sending their children elsewhere to be educated. 3. Political repression has increased. 4. Corruption in government has increase. 5. The economy is sputtering. China is cracking down on corruption by its politicians and others. It could have been the plan in the late 1940’s when Chairman Mao Zedong chose communism as their form of government to eventually phase the economy into a western style free market system. They are long term planners and went through a century of shame ending in the 1940’s wherein they were humiliated by the west. They felt the need to rebuild their military strength and power and were

Donohue Concrete and Masonry

I cannot recommend this guy too much. This is not a paid advertisement. He is a good guy and does great work. I have known Jason for 25 years. Jason brochure from Stephen P. Banicki

Clinton no! Klobuchar a definite maybe

What has just come to light regarding Hillary Clinton has reduced her chances of becoming President. She does not deserve to hold the highest office of the land. Her lack of judgement is so profound that now the Democratic Party must scramble to find a viable candidate. The use of a private server to send emails while Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundations' acceptance of donations from foreign organizations while she was looking to run for President demonstrates poor judgement and an attitude of being above reproach. Expect Hillary Clinton to announce that before using her private server she consulted with private experts to make sure she was fully secure. This may be true but the point is the National Security Council, and at the very least the President, should have not only been informed but made the decision that the use of a private server was acceptable. Until a review by the NSC is complete the nation will not know whether our security may have been compromis

Comparing Detroit's and southeast Michigan's population change

**   Chart from the Environmental Protection Agency As the population in Detroit decreased by over 1 million from 1950 to 2005, the population of all southeastern Michigan increased by 1.75 million. This means that the communities, excluding Detroit, in southeast Michigan over those 55 years grew by 2.75 million.

Iran, Middle East and a bungled coup

The video below provides a review by the author, Stephen Kinzer, of his book on the overthrow of a democratically elected leader in Iran in the early 1950's. The overthrow was orchestrated by Great Britain and the United States. The book's title is All The Shah's Men and the author suggest that the problems presently in Iran are a direct result of this coup. Before supporting Netanyahu's tough stance on preventing Iran from getting the ability to create a nuclear bomb you should read the book or at least watch the video wherein the author reviews it's contents. Click To Play Video Below is a bullet point summary of the highlights of the video. ■ After World War II Winston Churchill recognized how important oil was going to be to the world and the country that controlled a large reserve of oil would prosper. Iran was a country awash with oil reserves. ■ Britain proceeded to enter into an agreement with Iran whereby the oil company would pay to Iran 16% of