Detroit: Mass Transit, Schools and Grand Bargain

Take action! Easier said then done. The Free Press supports investing to improve mass transit and education in Detroit. Both are very worthy causes and are needed to make Detroit once again a viable, growing and financially healthy city. Not once have I seen the Free Press say where the money needed is to come from.
At the same time the Detroit Free Press, along with the Detroit News, supported the Grand Bargain under the city's recent bankruptcy. The Grand Bargain was where the city gave up its ownership of billions of dollars of art for roughly 10 cents on the dollar. Why?

Was it due to political and financial pressure from wealthy patrons of the DIA who probably control much of the advertising dollars going to the two newspapers? Was it at least partially supported because no one from the group negotiating the Grand Bargain was a resident of Detroit? Was it because the state has a Republican Governor who knew he was not likely to get many votes from the city no matter what he did? Further there was a strong likelihood he would have lost votes in the suburbs if he came out in favor of selling art and investing in things like s better mass transit system and schools that would help the city recover let alone make life easier for many residents.

Both major newspapers have a habit of recommending change without addressing how they would pay for it. Who was it that said you can't have your cake and eat it. Giving away the art owned by the city for a fraction of what it is worth will go down as one of the largest blunders ever and for the most part the leaders of the city let it happen with a smile... More


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