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Assessing Obama

This is a summary of the above audio recording of an interview with Chuck Todd, moderator of NBC's Meet The Press, on C-span critiquing  Barack Obama's first six years as President .  You can also listen to the C-span interview above. The audio last about an hour. The Stranger: Barack Obama In The White House. Mr. Todd argues that President Obama is often ineffective because he has refused to reach out to Congress and he lacks managerial skills.. Todd says the President was, and in many ways still is, a stranger to Washington and that is one reason he was so attractive to voters. As a result Washington has treated him as a stranger and it is difficult to get things done. President Obama would be proud to called a stranger to Washington since he sees it as being broken. Obama does not have an extroverted, back slapping, Bill Clinton type of personality. Todd sums up the first six years saying we still have a divided government and Obama promised hope and change and we have