Republicans seek victory at all cost

Republicans were more concerned about becoming the majority than improving the country. Republicans made the decision to place their political desires and tactics ahead of governing the nation. Once a bill they oppose is passed they look for ways to sabotage it. The voters should be outraged. These tactics cost the country time, money and in many cases opportunity.

Radicals have taken over my party. The GOP has gone from one with conservative principles seeking to do what is best for the nation to a party that is focused on winning elections at all cost, even if the cost is borne by the country and its citizens. They look at themselves as the ruling class. Their tactics extend beyond the issue they oppose. They oppose health care reform and in order to impose their will they block Presidential appointments for cabinet and judgeship positions. They also implement strategies to stall other unrelated legislation.

I am a Republican and voted for the Republican running for President in every election starting in 1968 up to 2008 when I supported Barrack Obama and I voted for him again in 2012. I hope to be able to vote Republican in 2016. Presently I am upset with the GOP and things must change before I will give them my vote. More


  1. Gudrun Quenzler ScottNovember 8, 2014 at 1:06 AM

    Too many people are only listening to Fox TV which is constantly propagandizing that the US President is unpopular. They never said that Ronald Reagan and George Bush also did not campaign in the midterm - it is normal for the presidency to go thru a cycle - especially when the disinformation and propaganda is so persistent and strong as Fox TV.. The news casts also are poor- they present totally meaningless stories while ignoring important events abroad and in this country. I miss Dan Rather for example. It is all entertainment and sports now..

  2. I long for GOP members such as Everett Dirksen, Howard Baker, Robert Dole, Jacob Javits, Nelson Rockefeller and Barry Goldwater. Today's GOP is made up sycophants that are aligned with Wall Street TBTF and TBTJail banks, Fortune 500 companies, plutocrats, kleptocrats, private equity and hedge funds. The Dems are no better. They too are aligned with large corporate and Hollywood benefactors and donors ( I really meant bribers).

    Until we as a people hold our leaders accountable and vote in candidates that represent our interests and not that of the plutocrats, we will continue to lose in political arena and also lose the constitutional republic we all pay lip service to.

    There are many core principles that I vehemently disagree with Republicans about but at least the author of the above piece is forthright to acknowledge his party's failings. GOP members such as him are the hope of this nation.

    I wish him good luck in reforming his party. If he and others of like minded Republicans are not successful, I fear two results:

    First, the crony capitalism exhibited by the GOP and some Blue Dog Democrats morphs into fascist state. There are already many attributes of Fascism that are within the modern GOP. See the below link regarding the definition of Fascism.


    The second fear is that the GOP becomes a sectional party and is eventually displaced but no second political party replaces it. Instead we have one party rule that is called the Democrat Party.


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