Detroit rebirth?

Participants In Creation Of Detroit's Grand Bargain

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The above chart was created from information contained in an article from the Detroit Free Press How Detroit was reborn, November 9, 2014. Below are some observations that I find interesting.
  • No one who participated in creating the Grand Bargain lives in Detroit.
  • Kevyn Orr was the only person involved in these discussions who was black.
  • The topic of taking the art from the city and only receiving pennies on the dollar was never mentioned in the a concern
  • Did the fact that the person coming up with the idea of the Grand Bargain, Justice Rosen who is the Chief Justice of the Eastern Michigan Bankruptcy Court, unduly influence the judge hearing the case, Judge Rhodes, who is also from the Eastern Michigan Bankruptcy Court?
  • Chapter 9 bankruptcy law does not require a city to sell assets to pay creditors.
The impression I got from reading the article in the Free Press was the momentum quickly shifted from how do we best help Detroit to one of how do we prevent the sale of art by the city. More


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