Grand Bargain and helping Detroit

Is this how the Grand Bargain helps Detroit? With this kind of help who needs enemies?

** Revision October 17, 2014
There are additional assets being surrendered by the city, such as the Joe Louis Arena, that are not accounted for in the above analysis. This will decrease the city's net worth further.


  1. Impressive data gathering: you certainly do the community a service -- keep up the good work.

  2. One more thing: how can citizens in Detroit vote for the same people when the facts show no signs of responsible management of money. Vote them out. Anyone can do a better job.

  3. You forgot to add in the -17,000,000,000 in liabilities.

  4. Steve. I've seen ya on FB before, and at first, I totally disagreed with you on the macro-level. You have this "Free Free Markets" thing, and I'm like, "Oh, one of THOSE." But your blogs about the city.. you rock, man.


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