Who is better Ronald or Barrack

For sixty plus years we were king of the world and when the king spoke the world listened. Today the world is evolving where a plurality of nations share the throne. These include, China, the Eurozone, Russia and ourselves. Unless we are willing to risk the war of all wars that is the future.

Reagan's world was much simpler, however this does not lead to a conclusion Obama is a better President. It is fair to conclude we are still learning how to lead in such a world and we are not their yet
There are more "equals" to deal with today. The arms race is not the only race. There is a race for wealth and a race for scarce resources. As we consume energy it means there is less energy for other nations. Nuclear weapons spread and continue to spread. China has stepped back on the world stage and they are striving to regain their prominence.

We are presently negotiating an Asia-Pacific trade agreement that includes Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam and the United States. We should not be assuming that China is going to sit still as we finalize the pact.

I assume there is someone in the State Department contemplating how we are going to act when China begins negotiations with Cuba, Venezuela. Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and others. Will we be sending a fleet of ships off the coast of Chile as China increases trade with South American nations?.


  1. Considering Ronald introduced uncontrolled capitalism- our biggest inequity condition of all time -- he failed America. Tarrifs on outsourcing is needed to strengthen America.

  2. Reagan did not introduce uncontrolled capitalism. It really got started with Citizens United and uncontrolled campaign spending.


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