What is Grand about the Grand Bargain

Below is a seven minute video explaining what is wrong with the "Grand Bargain" being proposed in the Detroit Chapter 9 bankruptcy hearing. Following the video are the notes used to give the presentation.


  1. BS......Voting has nothing to do with racial depravity. I am in conversation daily with people pushing this backward narrative which suggests what took place in Ferguson was because of electoral politics. This narrative is offensive and has the aura of denial and deflection. White America will make a big mistake if they embrace this cowardly excuse!

  2. Great post! I hope people read and follow your suggestions!

  3. A good man is one who wants children to succed by empowering the parents in the city.

    Follow your heart and lead your children.

  4. A dead Black Man left in the street for 4 hours means: "You could be next." Who's going to police the police?

  5. Misplaced criticism: it's Congress that needs a change of spark plugs.


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