To fix Detroit fix its schools

It should be obvious to everyone more money is needed if significant progress is to be made in the level of education provided by Detroit schools. It is also clear the amount of funds needed to turn Detroit's schools around will not be coming from the state or federal government. Both of these governmental bodies have other constituents that will not agree to giving Detroit more money for education at the expense of their districts. It is also unreasonable for the President of the United States to show favoritism to Detroit.
Where should the money come from? The city must help. It is obvious to anyone familiar with the city's problems, both financial and otherwise, that in order for the city to sustain long term growth and prosperity it must build and grow the percentage of its citizens who are in the middle class. Poverty must be reduced and prosperity must be increased. This is not going to happen without better schools. One of the key objectives of any parent is to improve the quality of life for their children and this means investing in education.

The municipality is presently in bankruptcy and must reallocate its resources to meet its needs and the needs of its citizens. There are billions of dollars of city owned assets tied up and stored at the DIA that should be used to put the city on a solid long term growth plan returning Detroit to prosperity.

Someone should ask the citizens of Detroit what they want; a better life for themselves and their children or the ability to go and see a painting by Monet whenever they want. We all know the answer so let's do it. Kevyn Orr and Jones Day must get this job done. Their objective should not be to get the city out of bankruptcy but rather make Detroit a place where people can live and improve the lives of their families.


  1. Quintilian says, "The Perfection of Art is to Conceal Art."

    The sale of art would do exactly that, leave the city of Detroit with a new impressionistic jewel -- the education of its children -- the family jewels,

    Then again, the beauty of art is indeed impressionistic: we don't see the parts that make up the whole, and it is the whole that is indeed the manifestation of art -- the whole is the beauty. The tools and details that add up to the beauty is the result, and that's the end that strikes us with amazing beauty -- the children of Detroit if you will -- black and white, short and tall. The art prevented the continuous fall. The fall into the abyss of continuous poverty. And that's the beauty of it all. .

    Conversely, why sell all? More museums can be an industry that entertains all. The Classic Auto Show can be more than just a trail to and fro, and can park for all to see for fee. The Art can be the seed.

    Shacks of shame can be transplanted into gardens of fame for all to see, and no one to blame. After all, The Perfection of Art is to conceal the Art, until it turns in to fame -- for a fee.


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