Ferguson Missouri and us

We still have civil rights problems in this country. Mr. Blow of the New York Times states the statistics on how the black male is treated by the law enforcement and justice systems compared to the white male but he barely addresses the reasons for this inequity.

I submit that racism is one of many factors. Bigotry itself has been reduced over the last several decades. This is based strictly on my own observations and acknowledge there is still much room for improvement.

The real culprits are poverty and education. In Detroit for example 80% of students attending the Detroit Public Schools are in poverty. 80% of the adult population in Detroit either does not have a high school diploma or is unemployed. In Detroit's case they have an opportunity to do something about it while that city is in bankruptcy but it may be tossed away by a plan called the Grand Bargain.

The essence of the Grand Bargain is the city would give up its ownership of valuable works of art, valued by some over $10 billion, for the forgiveness of $800 million in debt. Just think what could be done to improve Detroit's school system, thus reducing poverty and increasing the middle class of the city, if $9 billion would be spent over a 10 year period to turn DPS into the best school system in the state.

Education is the key to improving the life of people living in impoverished neighborhoods. As we all know, many of these areas are populated by black citizens.


  1. A useful analogy. The United States as the bull, although a stretch of the imagination as a animal driven only by strength and force, is not off target. I suppose the only hope for the US "bull" is to have an informed populace capable of intelligently electing leaders who have a longer view than the "matador". Given the recent and extended history of the money-fueled and media-driven US election process, I see little hope in that. The current selection of possible leaders further dwindles that hope.

  2. I agree with your comment about money


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