Europe take lead in Ukraine

Europe must take the lead with American assistance. Mr. McFaul in today's New York Times has made many good points with the most important one being that Europe, with U.S. involvement, must take action now that sends a message to Putin that the west fully expects the final outcome to be that Ukraine becomes a part of the EU sooner than later and the remainder of the EU is completely behind helping one of its future members.

Our citizens must be told to expect pain. Pain in the form of economic repercussions. Europe must be weaned off of Russia's natural gas and at least in the short run that means we must share in the increased cost of energy that will occur in Europe.

Europe must bare more of the burden on their military defense. We assisted our allies in many ways to recover from World War II and the Korean War. We helped rebuild Europe. We defended the "free world" from a takeover by communism and we helped their economies by entering into trade agreements that did not always help the American citizen.

However, That was then and this is now. Many of the allies that we helped are now strong; both politically and economically. In fact a number of them are our strongest competitors on the economic scene. It is time that we stop subsidizing them economically by subsidizing their defense.

Europe needs to step up and pay more for its own defense and we need to help them ween off of Russian natural gas, Here is what was said by Free Free Markets said in 2010 and it still applies.


  1. A beautiful testament, a memorial monument to a great pair of parents.
    Clearly, you recognize how lucky, how truly blessed you were.
    Good for them both -- great Americans.
    Thanks for sharing this story so eloquently here (and promoting it in today's NYT comment thread for the Bruni OpEd.)


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