Dysfunction junction and the middle east

Dysfunction at home leads to dysfunction abroad. Our allies and enemies recognize we have a splintered government including a winged president. How can we help other countries when we cannot address our own problems? Both the president and congress are the blame and it all leads back to outside money.

We the people complain about dysfunctional politicians. We take up time arguing amongst ourselves, but when the arguing is done we go back to our homes, plan vacations, evaluate the next car we are about to buy and meet our best friends for a night out on the town.

We don't think of ourselves as one nation with liberty and justice for all. How does anyone think we can solve the problems in the middle east when we cannot solve, or at least agree on, how to solve the problems in Detroit?

The middle east will not wait for us to fix our own problems but we must address them. They will not go away. Big money has taken over our government on both sides. The Democrats complain about the Koch brothers as the President travels the country raising money for the liberal Super PAC Priorities USA.

I know, I know. You are saying I am off topic. I am not. There are always going to be problems on the table but if we don't fix the table sooner or later it will collapse. One individual, one politician, must step up and bring change at the risk of ruining his financially satisfying career. In 2008 I had hopes that was Barack Obama. Michelle. chew his butt out.


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