Time to renew our independance

If voters only focus on elections things will not change. The focus needs to be on the constitution and control of both our economic and political system by oligarchs and other money interests. Things are out of whack because big money has maneuvered to control free markets and votes.

Many, including myself, had hoped Obama would be different and be elected by the people and for the people. He was quickly swallowed up by our modern day money changers and he is not willing to break up oligopolies and truly make our markets free again. Yes, they are somewhat free of regulation, but the oligarchs are more dominant than ever controlling our economy and markets.No banker in a senior position served jail time for their wrong doing during our recent financial crisis. No senior executive at General Motors will spend time in jail for their cover up of the safety violations, even though deaths resulted, that were ignored.

The only way for we the people to take back our government and save the concept of one man, one vote is to amend the constitution and that is not going to be an easy task. Justice Scalia in a 3 minute video clip explained the reason such a task is so daunting.

Another roadblock is a large constituency of influential people and organizations, including the New York Times, who benefit from the way things are at present.

We need to declare our independence again.


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