Tea Party is right sometimes

Yes highways need fixing along with other infrastructure but shouldn't we be looking at reducing our federal budget some to procure much of the funds needed? I am 68 years old and I don't remember our government canceling a bill or reducing expenses because of changes occurring in the real world.
We have been at war for over a decade. Where is the debate as to how to spend the money as we wind down? There has to be billions of dollars in the remainder of our federal budget that should be reallocated before talking about raising more taxes. I am not a fan of the Tea Party but many of their original ideas are correct. Only when the Tea Party was taken over by the big money of Oligarchs have they gotten away from their basic principles.

We need an attitude adjustment. Before voting to increase spending to pay for something needed like road repair Congress should be finding items in our budget that are no longer needed.

A while back I had a discussion with one of the original Tea Party advocates and here is a link to a summary of that discussion. They are not all wackos.


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