It is more than economics

What contributed to the fall of investment in infrastructure was some in the field of economics tried to fill a hole created by the basic economic model of supply and demand. As a significant part of the population, namely the future tea party members, took a sharp right turn they needed some economic "experts" to validate their stance. There were plenty in line to fill the demand and simultaneously increase their own net worth.

This is a political problem I call Limbaugh Mania! The first generation following Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Glenn Beck came of voting age. They look at these entertainers as bonafide newsman and even economistsAbout a year ago Rick Santorum was interviewed and was complaining about the unfair advantage the Democrats had last election because the debate moderators were liberally biased news anchors. He went on to say that would be the same for Republicans if the moderators were Limbaugh or Beck. He was comparing these entertainers to the likes of Jim Lehrer and Bob Schrieffer.

People tend to get their "news" from sources that are biased in the direction of their own beliefs. The problem is many on the right get their information from entertainers and not newsmen.

This gave me pause to think about what was occurring and I realized many now grew up listening to Mark Levin and Glenn Beck just as I grew up listening to William F. Buckley.

I admired William F. Buckley for his debating skills and his knowledge. Mr. Levin you are no William Buckley.


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