Obama Step Up!

When a team is busy bickering amongst itself it is not going to do well when it is time to fight the opposition. This is where we are today

We have a congress spending more time kissing up to oligarchs to raise money and campaigning then they are taking care of the country's business. We have a president who had good intentions but he too was swallowed by the oligarchical world of Washington and has long given up on bringing back the change that he originally aspired.

If Obama wants a positive legacy he should forget about building one and just do what his natural instincts tell him is right. Take major steps to bring back equality in America. Do this by attacking those who are destroying our free market system.  Read a few books about Teddy Roosevelt. In fact read Milton Friedman who acknowledged free markets require a referee. 

He also needs to take up the task of amending the constitution and discarding Citizens United. No one really believes that we have a country where everyone's ability to influence Washington is equal. It is more like one dollar, one vote.

Step up Mr. President! What do you have to lose? Your current legacy is going to be you were the first black president. Big deal. Be the president who is remembered for saying "I am not going to take it anymore". Enjoy the next 30 months and do what should be done.


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