Obama Get Off The Edge

Fix democracy. There is little democracy when money rips at the core of the system. Equality has been purchased by big money and politicians that look at their job as a materially enriching experience instead of an advocation to do what is best for the nation.

I guess when you are inside you get use to the stench and greed. It is easy to look at the Chinese Politburo and condemn their corruption. Secretly our "leaders" admire the Chinese for their ability to obtain personal gain for their efforts.

I was a fan of the Tea Party when it first started five years ago. I thought citizens were speaking up and demanding leaders lead. Then big money bought them off and the movements leaders looked for personal gain rather than restoring a country ran by the people, for the people.

Our President knows what needs doing. Why is he not doing it? Maybe he is frozen and not able to act. Maybe he is thinking about his race and does not want to upset the apple cart for future black leaders. Maybe the Republicans were right, he cannot lead. Or just maybe he does not give a damn! I think he is at The Edge.

Remember the movie starring Anthony Hopkins who was a billionaire stranded in the Alaskan wilderness hunted by a man eating bear. At first he was frozen with fear and was not able to take action to save his life. Finally he gathered his whits, used his intellect and killed the bear. Obama, quit worrying about history overcome your fear. The country needs you now!.


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