Mitten and the Antique Car Collection

I was thinking of writing a screen play loosely based on Detroit's bankruptcy staring Michael Douglas as the Governor of a fictional state called Mitten. The states largest city called Metrodroid is in financial trouble. The Governor is getting political pressure from the wealthier citizens of the state, who happen to be big contributors to his campaign, to do something about the financial woes of Metrodroid.

The contributors, many of whom are heirs of individuals who donated classic cars to the city, are concerned that if the city declares Chapter 9 bankruptcy the political leaders of the city will try to sell off the car collection, that has an estimated value of somewhere between $10 and $15 billion dollars, and use it to improve the schools and infrastructure of the city in hopes of reviving the metropolis and making it a far better place to live. These contributors feel they have a right to enjoy the car collection even if it is presently owned by the city of Metrodroid.

One of the major donors had his attorney review the Chapter 9 bankruptcy law and advised the Governor that the Law firm of Smith Knight wrote a White Paper that indicated the law does not permit the court to block a sale of assets by a city if the funds are used to improve the infrastructure and do other things to make the municipality more livable and provide a better future for the city's residents. The Governor secretly made an appointment with one of the Partners of Smith White named Kyn Door, who is played by Danny Glover, to discuss the matter.

Mr. Door pointed out that a city could sell assets during a Chapter 9 bankruptcy preceding without the permission of the judge as long as the sale was to maintain and improve services provided by the city for its citizens. The Governor described the problem he was facing with his major contributors and asked for any suggestions as to how they could block such a sale. Kyn Door mentioned that if the state put the city under an Emergency Manager appointed and controlled by the state, the state would have the authority to block the sale of the car collection.

The Governor shouted out "Eureka" and proceeded to offer the job of Emergency Manager to Mr. Kyn Door. Mr. Door than proceeded to hire Smith Knight as the lead law firm who had the opportunity to make tens of millions of dollars in fees.

After thinking over the idea of my screen play I decided it was too far fetched for anyone to believe so I am not going to follow through and write it.

** All of the characters and localities used above are purely fictional and any similarity to actual characters or events is strictly coincidental.


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