Wealth Segregation

"According to study published last year in the journal Education and Urban Society, “Students are more racially segregated in schools today than they were in the late 1960s and prior to the enforcement of court-ordered desegregation in school districts across the country.”

In fact, a report last month by researchers at the Civil Rights Project of the University of California, Los Angeles, found, “New York has the most segregated schools in the country.” The Self Sort, April 11, 2014,New York Times

The division is more economic than racial. By the fact that Mr. Blow's daughter is a high ranking participant in the sport of fencing tells me they do not live in a predominantly black lower income neighborhood. It is only natural to want the best for our children and with the widening disparity between rich and poor there is less interaction between social/economic classes.

America is losing its identity as the land of opportunity. We need to fix capitalism and expand access to education for the poor. Government needs to take back its role of umpire for free markets. Markets are controlled by oligarchs causing a concentration of power and access to the "good life". The proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable by Comcast is a good example. President Obama needs to become the black Teddy Roosevelt and break up the near monopolies in many industries.

There are few things that are a better investment than our children’s education. It is time to provide the first two years of college or trade school at no cost paid by the taxpayer. Public education in this country evolved over time. At the founding of the country, every family was on its own. The country’s’ economy was primarily agrarian and farming was not scientific with little mechanization. As the country modernized, its economy became complex requiring more skills. In 1647 the Massachusetts Bay Colony mandated elementary schools to serve all and to teach reading, writing and arithmetic.


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