Ukraine: Declare Economic War

Action on the part of the west is required and when the west is referred to that means the U.S.. We should be requesting UN observers be sent in to monitor the May 25th elections. After Russia votes no and China abstains the world should call on volunteers from the international press to act as the monitors.

Sending 600 troops to Poland is a joke. Europe and the United States made a mistake when rushing in while Russia was hosting the Olympics and inviting Ukraine to join the Eurozone. All that did was set the stage for what is occurring today. Further, talks of having Ukraine be a buffer zone is an insult to democracy.

Europe and the United States must implement an economic war on Russia. Like all wars it will be costly but must be fought. A big benefactor of the war will be China as they sit on the sidelines and watch the west and Russia waste their resources,

The United States must do what it takes to be a major supplier of natural gas to Europe. To keep the price reasonable we must be ready to subsidize the price to Europe including watching prices rise in the United States. Europe must also be prepared to watch their prices rise.Freedom is more important than profits.

During this economic war the west should impose tariffs on all imports coming from Russia. This will hit the oligarchs hard in their wallets and the result will be a weakening of power held by Putin.

Obama needs to be a leader and talk to us citizens about this and explain why the pain is necessary.


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