Putin Mania(c)

We need to be willing to pay some of the cost of Putin reducing gas supplies to Europe. It is going to happen and just like during World War II it is to our advantage to stop Putin quickly.

Putin has a management advantage. He can wake up in the morning make a decision and implement in the afternoon. We must work with NATO. As a result the decision making process for the west will be slower. Part of that decision making process is which nation pays what portion of the cost to hold back Putin.

Part of the cost will be the rise in gas prices to Europe, This will be no time for our energy companies to take advantage of the crisis. I assume diplomats in Washington and Brussels are drawing up these plans as we carefully watch the wild poker player in the Kremlin.

Putin has an inferiority complex. Perhaps it is his height or seeing the perceived power of his country diminish as the Soviet Union collapsed on the world stage.

We in the United States want other citizens in the world to have the opportunities that we possess. We also recognize there are leaders of other nations that see military might as a means of defining their countries relative success in the world. Unfortunately Putin sees the world this way.


  1. Putin will not stop on his own. Like a poker player you don't quit when you have a hot hand.


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