Free Markets For Sale Along With Politicians

Raising the minimum wage, food stamps and other social programs are short term band aids to the real solutions of bringing back free markets and significantly improving our ability to provide a good education to all Americans.

These social programs should be used to buy time so we can get things right. Getting things right is going to take a while; at least a generation. There are no quick fixes. The President needs to be like Teddy. Teddy Roosevelt who busted up Standard Oil and took on the railroads. Free markets help the consumer and worker. More competition keeps prices low and increases the demand for labor which will raise wages. For that to happen Citizens United needs to be reversed.

The Supreme Court recently said that limiting what one can spend on elections goes against free speech. I say uncontrolled spending by the rich on elections drowns out my right to voice my opinion. We were a nation based on the principle of one man, one vote. Today we are a nation living by the motto one dollar, one vote. If you don't have lots of dollars too bad. Your vote does not count for much. So I am in favor of raising the minimum wage as long as we will also address the longer term problems of improving education and truly seeking free markets. Just like the vote, free markets have been bought.


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