The 99% and Anger

Democracy seems to work best when its citizenry gets angry. It is a slow burn but when the flame strikes the gun powder there is a big explosion. We are getting closer.

Being a politician is not an advocation; rather it is an lucrative vocation. Today's politician gets paid a decent wage as we allow them to spend a great deal of time raising campaign funds. It is the only job where you are allowed to seek your next job, getting reelected, while still on the payroll of your existing job.

Citizen United needs to be overturned and the process can start from congress or there can be grass
roots movements to get it on the ballot. Don't expect congress or the president to do it. They are on the gravy train. Corporations and the wealthy are not going to institute a movement.

The press is not anxious either. They are the recipient of the campaign funds. Let's not forget the attorneys, accountants, video production professionals and speech writers that eat at the trough. They have much to be thankful for. Most of all let us not forget the media.

"...the biggest industry beneficiary of campaign spending is any business that works with broadcast media," said David M. Mason, a former FEC chair who now helps mostly Republican-related campaigns comply with federal and state regulatory requirements. "It's always been advertising for as long as we've really had good data on election spending." CNN, The Billion Dollar Election: Who Got Paid November 9, 2012


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