Putin Russia: What Next With Ukraine

One of the most militarily powerful nations is headed up by Vladimir Putin who for 16 years served as an officer in the KGB. He is 5'5" tall and an expert in martial arts. Both domestically and internationally many of his actions are considered as nondemocratic. He has a PhD from Leningrad University.

He is acting like a man with an inferiority complex. Perhaps it is his height or seeing the perceived power of his country diminish as the Soviet Union collapsed on the world stage. In the west success of a country is defined by how well its citizens are doing economically, the amount of opportunity they have and how much freedom they have to pursue their hopes and dreams. The military is only present to protect these dreams and aspirations.

Putin's focus is not on improving the daily lives of Russians. His focus is on bringing back the world glory to the Russian nation. In the United States we see the military as necessary in order to protect our citizens in their pursuit of happiness. Putin sees the power and glory of the state as the number one priority and the hopes and dreams of its citizens are secondary.

We as a people in the United States want other citizens in the world to have the opportunities that we possess. We also recognize there are leaders of other nations that see military might as a means of defining their countries relative success in the world. Unfortunately Putin sees the world this way.


  1. You are right. The only thing he understands is action.


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