Putin McCain and Graham

Remember the last time we rushed into war? In 2003 we invaded Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction. Almost 10 years later we withdrew from that country that had no WMD's with thousands of our solders maimed and killed. The war also led to the deaths of 100's of thousands of Iraqis.

We expended billions of dollars that could have either helped us balance our budget, repair our infrastructure or improve education and given more citizens the opportunity to pursue the American Dream.

Over the last several days two war hawks, Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator John McCain have pounded the drum to do something more than talk concerning Ukraine. Mr. Graham is demanding the President support the removal of Russia from the G-8. while Senator McCain is clamoring Obama needs to take action. The problems in Ukraine unfolded less than three weeks ago and so much for supporting our Commander and Chief. it is important to remember the background of these two senators.

Senator Graham is from the state of South Carolina which has over 4,000 defense contractors having contracts totaling almost $1.2 billion from the defense department. Senator McCain is a Vietnam war hero because his plane was shot down in battle and spent years in a prisoner of war camp never giving up on his country. Senator McCain lost in his bid for president in 2008 against President Obama. I supported Sen. McCain until he nominated Sarah Palin as his Vice President without proper vetting.

War is hell. Soldiers die and money, that could be spent in other ways for the good of the country, is consumed in battle. This time let's stop and think and do it right. Putin is not a rational man. He is a bully with an inferiority complex. His thought process was honed under Soviet rule. His focus is on bringing back the glory of the state as opposed to improving the lives of Russian citizens.

Sure he wants the average life of the Russian citizen to improve but this is secondary. In the United States our government's purpose is to help meet the needs and aspirations of its citizens. In Russia it is the other way around.

When it is time to decide to put American lives at risk we want a President who is deliberate. At present we have one.


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