Bloomfield Hills Versus Detroit Public Schools

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It is worthwhile to compare Detroit Public Schools to Bloomfield Hills Public Schools, which according to had the 6th highest MEAP scores for the 2013 school year in Michigan. Here are some observations.
>> There is 55,000 more students attending DPS schools than at BHPS.
>> The local community spent $6,300 more per pupil in Bloomfield Hills than Detroit
>> The state spent $240 more per pupil in Detroit versus Bloomfield Hills
>> The federal government spent $4,312 more per pupil in Detroit versus Bloomfield Hills.
Here are some thoughts I have not validated but worth pondering.
1. Like other things in life, perhaps size matters. Detroit should consider breaking down its school system in smaller pieces in order to have better local control.
2. The more money the state has invested in a school system the more they feel the need to maintain some influence and control.
3. The more the Federal Government has invested in a local school system, the more control and influence they will demand.
4. Although not verified, the education level of the parents is much higher in Bloomfield Hills than in Detroit.
5. There is no short term solution to fixing DPS. A 10 year plan needs developing and implementing.
 Everyone involved in wanting improvement in Detroit Public Schools must work together and stop having turf wars. Turf wars will not help the children nor will it help Detroit.


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