Ukraine: Choose Wisely

The Ukraine is presently going through some turmoil. The political leadership appears to want to align the country more with Russia while there is a strong citizen led desire to to align itself with the
countries in the Eurozone. The citizens of the Ukraine must make the decision and not allow outsiders to make the decision for them.

Economic factors need to play a role in the decision, but economics should not be the only criteria used to reach a decision. History needs to play a role and perhaps most important the general philosophy and beliefs of the citizens must be a part of the decision. Only Ukrainian's should decide the future of their country.

Below is a chart that provides information to help evaluate the economic consequences of your decision. The comments in red our the authors interpretation of what the data means.  Це залежить тільки від української, щоб вирішити майбутнє України. Удачи!


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