Fix Health Care

"The health care agenda cost the country dearly; not in terms of what was eventually passed, but rather in the time, energy and emotions of the country that it sucked up. I believe we needed health care reform, however I would have done it differently by creating more competition in the industry including going across state lines. He should be open to some amendments but his own party would revolt. It would be good if the GOP helped him on this issue by making it part of the grand bargain on debt." Shackles of Obama, FreeFreeMarkets, April 18, 2013
Some Democrats are ready to amend the law but I believe the Republicans think they smell blood and instead of doing whats right for the country they will look at it as an opportunity to advance their own wealth and power.

The health care law should not have been introduced when it was given the fact in 2008 - 2009 the country had a near miss with a second great depression, the President lacked experience and hid out for a good period of time to get up to speed not only on health care but also running the country in general. He lacked executive experience, was not up to speed on the health care industry, had minimal relations with members of congress on both sides of the isle and is not by nature someone who easily builds partnerships.

The strategy for the Democrats is to get aggressive and come out now with specific proposals to improve the law. Force the Republicans to work on the law instead of working to use it against them. Actually get some work done during an election year. I know this is a unique concept in Washington but hey, drastic times require drastic actions.


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