Political And Economic Inequality

Inequality and jobs combined are the biggest economic and social issues facing the country today and future generations. Contributing to the problem is our current campaign financing laws and the resulting mindset of our politicians.

Most who are demanding more equality point to direct measures such as raising taxes on the rich and providing more programs to help the needy. No one addresses the problem that our free market system is broken and our campaign finance laws give an unfair advantage to those that are wealthy.

Free markets do not need destroying in order to improve equality. In fact the opposite is true. In many industries, if not most, we no longer have free markets. We have oligopolies controlled by oligarchs.

In order to have free markets there needs to be referees just kike in football. In the case of free markets the referee should be the government but our politicians have been bought off by the oligarchs with big campaign contributions.

I remember reading somewhere that something like 80% of our politicians in Washington are millionaires. How do you think they got that way; Political contributions! Politics use to be an advocation where someone ran for office to do good. Today it is a money making opportunity.

In trying to fix inequality if all we do is focus on social programs for the needy it is not going to work. Both our political and economic systems need changing.

And yes President Obama deserves some of the blame.


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