Legacy Of Obama

I am disappointed not only with Obama, but also Krugman. Both talk about the need to implement programs like an increase in minimum wage to help the 99% but neither, especially the President, take action regarding free markets and capitalism that would make our economy more productive and rewarding for workers.

Obama needs to make Teddy Roosevelt, the President who took on oil and railroad cartels at the beginning of the 20th century, one of his role models. Today our industries are not free. They are controlled by oligopolies, monopolies and huge multinational companies. These same company's and their leaders control our government through huge campaign contributions which are really legalized bribes. Obama not only did nothing about these bribes, he took part in them.

The President still has the opportunity to be labeled great but he must do three things.

1. Do what it takes to get health care right.
2. Revive free markets and capitalism by start breaking up companies that infringe on and control markets and industries.
3. Begin the process to take bribery and big money out of politics.

If Obama did these three things he would have his legacy.

* A side note: we need to change the way we fund primary and secondary education in this country if we indeed want equal opportunity for all..... http://lstrn.us/17CK0EA


  1. Interesting observations on what Obama needs to correct, but what are some of your suggestions on how to do it? My suggestions?

    Get rid of Obamacare in a way that still makes him look like a hero. One way is endless delays, until it is fixed by endless 'tweaks' that reduce it in scope and size, until healthcare was what it was before, but has the popular stuff left, like no denying of coverage for preconditions. Any 101 econ student can see the problem, no money stream to pay for it.

    I run a small company, 100 employees, pay for Blue Cross, 1.2 million a year, out of my pocket, no deductibles, because it is healthcare I and my employees choose and want. Obama comes along and says,"not good enough" He wants me to pay 2 million for his plan. Result? I opt out. It's my money, that makes it my choice. I'll pay a small penalty. Are the employees happy? Not when money is coming out of their pocket for healthcare! Many of them thought Obamacare was free! 5 million are losing policies now, the individual plans. Wait until the small companies like mine enter the picture. 80 million will be hurting. Not my fault. Obama's fault. I will point the finger at him, where the blame lies.
    Regarding fixing the economy? Lower the Federal tax rates from 44% to 21%, like England, or 11% like Ireland, one reason Eaton corp left Pittsburgh for Ireland, and, as a result, saved 256 million in taxes. Lower taxes will reverse that corporate flight, and jobs will increase a result. Nice blog.


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