Detroit Where Was The Press

"...and how we’ll clear the clouded judgment — at every level of government — that tolerated a progressive failure, over six decades, of the state’s largest municipality....from the new mayor to the emergency manager, the governor, Legislature and City Council — has to commit to this as a beginning of hard work and cooperation, not an end.." Bankruptcy or not make Detroit Better, Detroit Free Press, December 3, 2013

There is another group needing to be held accountable, the press and mostly the two major newspapers of the city. Where were they during these six decades of mismanagement and corruption? The first amendment of the Constitution provides for the freedom of speech including freedom of the press.

Over the centuries the citizens of this great country has looked to the press as the beacon of truth and justice. Where has the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News been in these sixty years of the city's mismanagement and corruption? Sure they can point to individual stories and events that were first disclosed in the press, but didn't they have a larger duty, similar to Watergate by the Washington Post, to bull doggedly pursue and disclose injustice?

It is time the news media, including radio and TV, in Detroit to reinvigorate itself to a higher standard.

** Update August 5, 2014. Where is it now concerning Detroit's bankruptcy and the Grand Bargain


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