Detroit: Get Out Of Funk!

Isn't it time everyone be honest with themselves. Detroit is in a financial mess. The state gave the city a chance to enter into a consent agreement so it could work on solving its own problems.

My guess is the state did reach out to Duggan asking for his advise on an EM. What should he have done? Hang up the phone? If the Governor ask for your advice you give it to him.

The EM law has some issues and hopefully the Governor has enough confidence in himself to admit the law is flawed and make some corrections so the new Mayor operates the city and the EM works on solving the finance problems. Orr is over his head on the operations end and is too vain to admit it.

As Marvin Gaye said, "Let's Get it on." Enough of this BS. How long after the election is everyone going to complain about the election?


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