Snyder and Bull Dung

By now the city has been dissected by scores of consultants costing millions of dollars. It is clear what needs to happen to put Detroit back together again: reduce crime, fix the neighborhoods including removing blight, increase the population and increase employment. The question is what Mayoral candidate has the best plan and is most capable of implementing that plan. Implementation is what has been lacking.

Based on reviewing what both candidates have presented, it is clear that Duggan's plan is closer to reality, more thought out and he is more prepared to implement, implement, implement. What is disturbing is that the Emergency Manager just hired a Deputy Emergency Manager for an annual salary of $175,000. This means one of two things and neither are good news for the city.

1. The Deputy Emergency Manager is in training for when Kevyn Orr's contract is up in September 2014 she will take over for another 18 month term. Further, looking at her background she does not appear to be an operations type person that is so desperately needed in the city.

2. Kevyn Orr plans on using her to oversee the operation of the City's function and therefore the new Mayor will continue to be a high priced figure head with no authority and with complete control remaining in the 
Governor's office. Therefore, it appears Snyder will take no action to correct his blunder....

This is bull dung!


  1. I am not sure she has the credentials plus she is not a hire by an elected offical as such I hope her contract is null and void.


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