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Regime Change in Detroit

The comments below were written by Greg Thrasher and are not necessarily the beliefs of this blog. Greg is the Editor of the blog Plane Ideas and his specialties include: Public Speaking * Consults * Educational Aides * Research. I find his ideas are worth listening to. His email address is: __________________________________________________________________________ There were no loud explosions nor chaos in the streets, troops did not flood the avenues and enclaves of the city. A manifesto was not distributed by air drop nor was there a state of martial law issued. A coup took place in Motown a ' regime change' in the post industrial rust belt has been installed. In the post industrial era of America political, cultural, and economic realities are unlike anything our country has experienced. The very fabric of life in this era is altered by the forces of technology and the global marketplace. Traditional platforms of interaction with elected officials

Snyder and Bull Dung

By now the city has been dissected by scores of consultants costing millions of dollars. It is clear what needs to happen to put Detroit back together again: reduce crime, fix the neighborhoods including removing blight, increase the population and increase employment. The question is what Mayoral candidate has the best plan and is most capable of implementing that plan. Implementation is what has been lacking. Based on reviewing what both candidates have presented, it is clear that Duggan's plan is closer to reality, more thought out and he is more prepared to implement, implement, implement. What is disturbing is that the Emergency Manager just hired a Deputy Emergency Manager for an annual salary of $175,000. This means one of two things and neither are good news for the city. 1. The Deputy Emergency Manager is in training for when Kevyn Orr's contract is up in September 2014 she will take over for another 18 month term. Further, looking at her background she does not appea

Do Not Forget Who Caused Shutdown

The remainder of us deserve some blame for complacency .  

Inequality And Education

We need to change the way we pay for public education. There is a direct relationship between education and inequality. In the past education was less of a necessity. Here in the Midwest you could work in an auto plant without graduating from high school and earn a solid middle class living with health insurance and a pension. Things have changed. Today you not only need a high school diploma but some additional technical training to qualify for that same line job. Further, we are all competing in a global economy and as a result the domestic auto industry can no longer go along with raising the wages of union members and pass that increased cost onto the consumer. The consumer will go elsewhere. It is not just the auto industry. The world is more competitive and will become more so as developing countries, such as the BRIC nations, the South African countries and developing countries in South America advance further. The good news is as these countries advance so will the demand

Emergency Manager Law and City Representation

Here is what is causing so much mistrust of the state by the citizens of Detroit as it relates to the emergency manager law and its application to the city. "...After the hearing or the expiration of the 10 days in the case of no hearing, the governor confirms or revokes his determination. A confirmation will assign management of Detroit's fiscal emergency to a Local Emergency Financial Assistance Loan Board composed of three state officials, including the treasurer, who are all Snyder appointees...." NBC News, March 1, 2013 This mistrust is exasperated when the Financial Assistance Loan Board is making decisions where both the state and the city have a direct and competing financial interest. The word "Local" is misleading. How can state officials look out for the best interest of the city and the state at the same time when the interest of the two entities may be in conflict? This will be especially true during the upcoming Governors attempt to be reelec