Syria And Majority Rule.

In the United States the majority should not rule. The majority has the right to elect a leader they trust will make the right decisions the majority of the time. This is the way it should be. Today's world is too complicated for every citizen to understand every issue facing this country. The best we can do is elect a leader that we trust and one that either has the knowledge on all issues confronting the country or has access to such knowledge.

If we lose that trust in the President then we should remove him from office by voting him out or impeachment if we deem necessary.

The President is right about destroying Syria's chemical weapons if we feel countries should not use weapons of mass destruction. By allowing them to get away without repercussions we are sending a message to all nations, including Iran and their nuclear weapon development.

The Syrian crisis over chemical weapons should cause us to think about what we expect from our President. Do we elect a President and expect him to do what we want or should he do what he believes is right? If we want him to always do what the majority of citizens desire today's technology allows each American to cast their ballot on every issue confronting the country. We can dispose of both branches of government and vote over the internet. The technology exists to make this happen.

We should demand our President know more than we do. It is unreasonable to expect the majority to make the right decision on every issue. The world is too complicated and us citizens are too busy to know everything about every issue.

We ended up in Iraq because we had 911 on our mind. The public is now deciding what should be done about Syria's chemical weapons with the deceit in justifying Iraq on our mind. Will we regret this later like we now regret Iraq?

Personally I trust Obama to make the right decision over Romney, Santorum, Cain, Bachmann Gingrich or Perry.


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