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Emerging Countries and the U.S.

If you were living in or overseeing an emerging country like Brazil, Mexico, Kenya or South Africa how comfortable would you be to have your nation solely rely on your affiliation with the United States for your future? From afar you see the U.S. having a difficult time taking care of its own business. You see a group of politicians threatening to shut down their government in order to prevent the enactment of a healthcare program that was passed according to law and a Supreme Court ruling it is constitutional. These politicians are willing to risk the credibility of their government in the eyes of the world for the sake of remaining in good standing with a splinter group called the Tea Party. You see a congress and senate not willing to support a president who wants to punish Syria for using a weapon of mass destruction as defined by the United States and the United Nations. You also see other leading nations of the world not willing to protect civilians from chemical weapons.

Snyder Screwed Up

As smart as Snyder is, he blew the creation and implementation of the Emergency Manager law. He was so successful in his private business career that he ignored important elements of being a leader in a democracy; keep the citizens informed, citizens have a right to voice their concerns about what he is doing and when he fails to get his way do not trample on those who he represents. I still believe Snyder is doing what he believes is right for the state and the city of Detroit. What is wrong is how he has gone about trying to achieve what he wants. He still operates as if he is the CEO of a corporation where he handpicked the people he reports to, the Board of Directors. In a corporate entity, the Board tends to rubber stamp everything the CEO does.  This is not the case in a democracy. Citizens have rights including the right to be informed and the right to expect everything their elected leader does is above board. I have no doubt Detroit needs an Emergency Manager. Snyder m

Government Shutdown and Obstruction of Justice

Obstruction of justice can include crimes committed by judges, prosecutors, attorneys general, and elected officials in general. Obstruction of justice is an attempt to interfere with the administration of the courts, the judicial system or law enforcement officers, including threatening witnesses, improper conversations with jurors, hiding evidence, or interfering with an arrest. This is how Congress is acting. The Affordable Health Care Act was passed into law by the House and Senate and signed by the President. The Supreme Court ruled that the law was constitutional. President Obama was reelected by a large margin in the 2012 election. Those in congress who are trying to block the implementation of the law are obstructing justice and should be treated accordingly. If this is not obstruction of justice what is?

Detroit Must Reorganize

The city is not organized properly. An Emergency Manager is overseeing the largest municipal bankruptcy in history and at the same time overseeing the operation of a city having a geographic area greater than San Francisco, Boston and Manhattan combined. No one on this planet can handle both tasks at the same time. Below is a the start of a proposed revision of the city's organization chart. In addition, the Mayor needs to further delegate responsibility and authority to the people reporting to him. As Ronald Reagan said of the Soviet Union, "Trust, but verify." The organization chart below needs further work.

Syria And Majority Rule.

In the United States the majority should not rule. The majority has the right to elect a leader they trust will make the right decisions the majority of the time. This is the way it should be. Today's world is too complicated for every citizen to understand every issue facing this country. The best we can do is elect a leader that we trust and one that either has the knowledge on all issues confronting the country or has access to such knowledge. If we lose that trust in the President then we should remove him from office by voting him out or impeachment if we deem necessary. The President is right about destroying Syria's chemical weapons if we feel countries should not use weapons of mass destruction. By allowing them to get away without repercussions we are sending a message to all nations, including Iran and their nuclear weapon development.

Kalamazoo Promise: Summary

Below is a summary of an article in the  New York Times in November 2012 . The cost of tuition varies significantly. For example at Wayne State University it is $410 per credit hour and at Wayne Community College the cost per credit hour is $102.

Cost Of College

This is an estimate of what will need to be saved each year to pay for your child's college tuition in 14 years . This is only one  scenario , but start thinking about it now.

Labor Must Help Free Markets

If labor wants to fix inequality, fix free markets . If we had less consolidation of markets we would have more demand for labor which would drive up wages. Where is Teddy Roosevelt when you need him and where are the unions? I am a Republican who has taken a sabbatical until my party gets back to being what George Bush called a compassionate conservative. This is one who believes in free enterprise, competition and having a strong government to control free markets. These conservatives also recognize there are some objectives of society that are better overseen by government rather than the private sector. More

Michigan Employment Compared To Country

Post by Stephen Banicki .

Cracks In The Emergency Manager Law

The implementation of the emergency manager law by Governor Snyder is flawed and perhaps so is the law itself. Coming from being the head of a major corporation, I am surprised the Governor does not see this. Kevyn Orr has two roles as the Emergency Manager (EM). The first role is to oversee the restructuring of the City's debts in a manner that puts the city in the best posture possible to fulfill its duties and responsibilities to its citizens and this may include bankruptcy. Mr. Orr's duties in this role are transnational in nature; repair the damage as much as possible, cut deals with all the stakeholder creditors and leave. Orr has until September 2014 to get this done. Orr's resume and background as a bankruptcy attorney is well suited for this task and I believe he is doing a good job. The Emergency Manager's second responsibility is to operate as a temporary Mayor or CEO of the city making sure the municipality is operating efficiently and meeting both the

Minimum wage

The problem that needs to be addressed is a lack of free markets. If many industries were not controlled by oligopolies/monopolies there would be more competition for labor which in turn would raise wages. The government needs to do a better job enforcing anti-trust laws. The world is more complex than raising the minimum wage. Competition is international today and raising the minimum wage puts all of us in the United State at a competitive disadvantage. Yes the fast food industry is not directly affected by wages in China, but it is indirectly. If you raise the minimum wage economic forces will require all wages to ratchet up. One reason causing the fall of the auto industry was ignoring pricing oversees.  Instead of the government should be enforcing antitrust laws and breaking up oligarchial control of markets. Fast food is not one of these industries, but if there was a greater demand for labor in other industries it would force the fast food industry to compete for labo