Rush Limbaugh And The News

Why are people less informed? Limbaugh Mania! That is what has changed. The first generation following Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Glenn Beck have come of voting age. They look at these entertainers as bonafide newsman.

A few days ago Piers Morgan was interviewing Rick Santorum and Mr. Santorum was complaining about the unfair advantage the Democrats had last election because the debate moderators were liberally biased news anchors. He went on to say that would be the same for Republicans if the moderators were Limbaugh or Beck. He was comparing these entertainers to the likes of Jim Lehrer and Bob Schrieffer.

People tend to get their "news" from sources that are biased in the direction of their own beliefs. The problem is many on the right get their information from entertainers and not newsmen. Not only has many people accepted these entertainers as news anchors many have adopted their style of debate and discussion.

A case in point is an individual that I use to interact with on Facebook. He is a young, recent graduate from law school who has conservative political leanings as I do. Whenever we entered into a discussion/debate he would immediately go into his Mark Levin attack mode. Issues and facts would be pushed aside for name calling and irrational comments. I finally blocked him and this bothered me because it is the first time for me taking such action. I appreciate hearing varying opinions about topics.

This gave me pause to think about what was occurring and that is how I realized he probably grew up listening to Mark Levin and Glenn Beck just as I grew up listening to William F. Buckley.

My hat is off to Rush Limbaugh for pulling one of the biggest scams of the last quarter century. It would be nice if he spoke up and corrected his followers. Now I am dreaming like Santorum!

If Ralph and I were still Friends on Facebook I would encourage him to watch this debate between William F. Buckley and Ron Paul in 1988.


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