Detroit Rises As Detroiters Rise

Today, based on population, Detroit is approximately the 15th largest city in the United States and falling. Detroit is geographically larger than San Francisco, Boston and Manhattan combined. Detroit is a city in ruin that has a mayoral election in progress with no candidate providing and discussing any real, detailed plan for where and how they intend to move the city forward after the emergency manager leaves in September 2014. We are talking about a city where many citizens are so apathetic that a low turn out for the election is expected and yet there is no meaningful get out and vote campaign being implemented.

My Dad use to say to me when as a kid I was getting excited about the upcoming baseball season, "potential, potential, get off your asp and practice." For Detroit to succeed the 700,000+ residents must get off their potential and do it. Frankly, if I was President I would not consider helping Detroit until I was sure the Citizens were helping themselves. There are role models in the City and Ken Whittaker is a good one and I only know him through Facebook. He and his wife are raising a family in the city, he is the coach of one of his girls softball team, he is diligent about maintaining his house, takes the time to help keep his neighborhood maintained as much as possible and organizes a crew so he can go and assist other parts of the City. Oh, I forgot to mention, he is tenacious about the current Mayoral campaign.

If I was President before I stepped up to the microphone to talk to the nation I would want to make sure there are plenty of Ken Whittaker's out there guaranteeing the future of the city. That is when I would tell the other 300 million people that I represent that Detroit has a future and the nation is going to help.

I believe there are plenty more Mr. Whittaker's in Detroit, I just have not met them. It is the other Ken's out there that have me convinced that Detroit will be back. The President needs to see them in action.

P.S. If I was Kevyn Orr I would seek the Ken Whittaker's out and invest in them so they can help make their city great again....


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