Detroit In 2033

The objective should be more than getting creditors off the cities back. The goal is to get the city on a trajectory where the municipality provides excellent services to its citizens and, with cooperation from the private sector, begins to grow and prosper.

This is why Detroit's citizens and its suburban neighbors should be in favor of selling assets and I believe the best assets are those stored at the DIA. They appreciate in value and they do very little to improving the life of the average citizen in the city. It will not be necessary to sell all of the artwork and it will not be required to pay down all of the debt.

In order for this to be accomplished the city must develop a vision of what is needed to bring about the future desired of Detroit. The plan must be specific with  the implementation of controls and discipline needed to carry out the objective.

In order for this daunting task to be implemented, Kevyn Orr should not work in a vacuum. He needs the help and expertise of people who know the city. Kevyn Orr will be out of Detroit in less than 2 years. The plan must cover a time span of 20 years. Further, he does not know Detroit as the local citizens know Detroit. Mr. Orr will be derelict in his duties if he develops it while only utilizing the talents of people in his inner circle, many of whom are from out of town.

The citizens in Detroit must demand that the Mayoral candidates develop their own vision of the city for the next twenty years, along with a road map of how they will lead the city to its prominence in the future. 

In the future, the city must do its best to lead events and not let events lead the city.


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