Obama And The Economy

"And, to be fair, it has also been a long time since President Obama said anything forceful publicly about job creation." Japan The Model, NY Times May 23, 2013

The above excerpt is sad. It shows a lack of leadership on the part of the President. It is easy to "lead" in good times and not so easy when facing an economy and Congress like Mr. Obama is facing. However, true leaders become motivated when the challenges are huge.

Historians tend to label presidents "great" more often when the person occupying the Oval Office is facing great obstacles. Roosevelt by most is labeled great because of his guiding hand  to get through the 1930 depression and World War II. Reagan is looked at as great because of turning the economy around and bringing about the downfall of the USSR.

Will Obama be deemed great for overcoming the near-depression of 2007/2008 or will he be a yawn in our history books because he let a stubborn congress get in the way of recovery? So far it looks like we will be yawning.


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