Republican Party

Obama did not win this election. The Republicans lost it. Many Republicans like myself could not support the candidates the party selected in the primaries to win the minds of the Tea Party. Reflect on the candidates the Republicans put up; Cain, Santorum,  Bachmann,  Gingrich, Perry and Romney. Go back and listen to the rhetoric. A moderate like myself had no choice but to leave. It started for me when McCain chose Palin as his running mate in a desperate move. It backfired.

If Republicans go back to being a party comprised of of moderate conservatives like myself, it will lose the Tea Party. They need to choose. Choose wisely. Along the way, the Republicans need to push Rove to the rear bumper on the bus.


  1. I too am a moderate Republican who voted for Obama. With out us Obama could not of won. If my party would nominate moderate candidates they would regain moderate Republicans and Democrats and have a shot in national elections. Other wise Bush the second will be the last Republican President.


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