Detroit's Opportunity

Detroit's City Council has authority to meet if Kevyn Orr, the Emergency Financial Manager, says they do. I hope he allows them to contribute to the recovery of Detroit. He should be coordinating his efforts to revive the city with the Council and the Mayor who were elected by the citizens of Detroit.

The Council must also recognize they now serve the citizens only as long as Mr. Orr deems fit. They need to understand they can only help the city if they work with Mr.Orr. Any disagreements they have with Orr should be discussed in closed door sessions and the same is true of the new EFM. It is called teamwork and Orr is the team leader.

Everyone benefits if the EFM, Mayor and City Council can all work together to solve the problem. Mr. Orr must not get a "Caesar Complex" and think he will not benefit from their input. The city officials must recognize their new advisory role and do what they can to make things work.

This can work. I am not making light of the bitterness that evolved because of the state going against its voters. Let's be practical and work with what we have and solve the vote issue in future elections.


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