Baby Boomers Vs Millennials

Welcome to the new reality; generational competition. The world is getting more economically competitive and so will generations against each other. It should be obvious to everyone we cannot do everything we want for everyone.

The world's middle class is growing rapidly and most of the growth is happening outside the United States in places like China, India, Russia and Brazil. Other regions of the world are also advancing including South Africa, other parts of Asia, South America and Central America. This is going to put significant pressure on our citizens to maintain their standard of living.

It starts today with the United States needing to evaluate its priorities and to figure out how we optimize  our greatest resource, our citizens. For the sake of our future, do we spend more on preparing younger generations to compete or do we maintain or increase the living standards of the retired or soon to be retired generations?

The obvious first step is to get more efficient at what we do and cut out any waste. The second step is to evaluate our policies towards foreign aid and should any of it be cut back or altered. After doing the above steps it is back to our priorities within our own boundaries and among groups of citizens. We have not had to do this for at least sixty years.


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