Affirmative Action And The Poor

Affirmative action is needed less for the color of your skin than the size of your wallet. This is especially true in a society when income is skewed because of government not enforcing antitrust laws against oligopolies and near monopolies.

Affirmative action was created in the sixties and seventies of the last century because the nation recognized giving rights, that they deserved for two centuries, to an oppressed race did not put them on equal footing to compete with the predominant white race.

There are few things, if any, that are a better investment for this country than our children’s education. It is time to provide the first two years of college or trade school at no cost and paid by the taxpayer.

Public education in this country evolved over time. At the founding of the country, every family was on its own. The country’s’ economy was primarily agrarian and farming was not too scientific with little mechanization. As the country developed and modernized, its economy became more complex and required more skills. In 1647, the general court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony mandated elementary schools to serve all and to teach reading, writing and arithmetic.... More


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